This is a life-changing, business changing book for any business owner, CEO, or manager For the corporation/organizaton, the created value of 101 Ways, is in revisiting EACH DEPARTMENT AS A MICRO-BUSINESS UNIT, teaching middle management how to manage departments as their micro business unit. Supervisors/managers are always making business decisions, purchasing, servicing your internal and external customers, handling incoming product and providing a finished product, they are also involved in recruiting, product planning, cutting cost initiatives, and budget management. For the small business owner 101 Ways To Think Like A Business Person is a must read for anyone dabbling, starting, in business and struggling to grow their business. This book was written for entrepreneurs, with viable business ideas, but afraid to act on their ideas because they do not know how. Let’s face it, viable ideas transform into great businesses, however if you don’t know how to transform these ideas into becoming a great business, you will ultimately fail as a business owner. 101 Ways was created for every type of professional, creative or business minded, those who follow conventional ways of thinking versus modern day thinking. If you are struggling as a business owner, both financially and mentally, and unsure what you are doing wrong, then you would enjoy reading this book. The principles are very straight forward and motivating. It speaks to “you” the reader, and engages “you” until the end. Learn the rules, implement in your business and be a success!!!