03 Apr 2020

Date: 2009



A bold new challenge to postmodern theory The increasing irrelevance of postmodernism requires a new theory to underpin our current digital culture. Almost without anybody noticing, a new cultural paradigm has taken center stage, displacing an exhausted and increasingly marginalized postmodernism. Alan Kirby calls this…


Electricity and Controls for HVAC-R Ed 6 

Now in its sixth edition, ELECTRICITY AND CONTROLS FOR HVAC-R equips readers with the information needed to work effectively with all types of motors and control devices found in the heating and air-conditioning industry. Prior knowledge of electricity is not required as this book begins…

Sports & Outdoors

What Now Skipper? 

Following in the Yachting Monthly paperback series (Confessions, Further Confessions, etc) this book is based on a popular run of articles over the last eight years in Yachting Monthly, in which navigational and seamanship problems are posed and the highly respected author (former RYA Training…

New, Used & Rental Textbooks

Transitions from School to Work: Globalization, Individualization, and Patterns of Diversity (The Jacobs Foundation Series on Adolescence) 

This volume makes an important contribution to the growing literature on the transition from school to work. It provides a unique perspective on the global changes that have transformed school-to-work transitions since the 1970s; offers an integrative conceptual framework for analysis; and promotes a comparative,…


Optical Netoworking for Dummies 

Product description With a focus on Ciena technology, if you’ve ever wondered how light can ferry vast amounts of information across huge distances, wonder no more. This book is just for you. Here, you discover how science and technology enable modern networks to convey humongous…