14 Jul 2020

Date: 2020

Education & Teaching

East Asian Pedagogies: Education as Formation and Transformation Across Cultures and Borders (Contemporary Philosophies and Theories in Education (15)) 

This book opens up philosophical spaces for comparative discussions of education across ‘East and West’. It develops an intercultural dialogue by exploring the Anglo-American traditions of educational trans-/formation and European constructions of Bildung, alongside East Asian traditions of trans-/formation and development. Comparatively little research has…


Algebra and Galois Theories 

Galois theory has such close analogies with the theory of coatings that algebraists use a geometric language to speak of body extensions, while topologists speak of “Galois coatings”. This book endeavors to develop these theories in a parallel way, starting with that of coatings, which…


Nanostructured Thermoelectric Films 

This book presents a range of low-dimensional superlattice thermoelectric materials based on physical vapor deposition (PVD) methods and explores various material types, thicknesses, and processing conditions. With the advances made in the performance of semiconductor thermoelectric materials and the efficiency of thermoelectric devices in recent…

Medicine & Health Sciences

GM3 Signaling 

This book reviews recent progress in understanding of the signaling and biochemistry of GM3 ganglioside in eukaryotic cells. GM3 is the simplest of the gangliosides and the precursor of other gangliosides. It is expressed in the outer leaflet of plasma cell membranes and has roles…