Basic Photographic Materials and Processes describes the three crucial stages of creating the perfect photograph―capture, processing and output―by providing a thorough technical investigation of modern, applied photographic technologies.
This new edition has been fully revised and updated to explore digital image capture, processing and output. It covers a wide range of topics including: the scientific principles of measuring and recording light, the inner workings of digital cameras, image processing concepts, color management and photographic output to screen and print media. With these topics come in-depth discussions of extending dynamic range, image histograms, camera characterization, display capabilities, printer and paper technologies. It also includes applied exercises that provide the reader with a deeper understanding of the material through hands-on experiments and demonstrations, connecting theoretical concepts to real-world use.
This comprehensive text provides photography students, educators and working professionals with the technical knowledge required to successfully create images and manage digital photographic assets. It is an essential resource for mastering the technical craft of photography.