Bit By Bit – Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin & How To Get Some For Free

Digital currencies, crypto currencies, Bitcoin, what are they all about? Is Bitcoin THE NEXT BIG THING,
Is it safe? And how can you get some?

If you are looking for a book that takes you from Bitcoin know-nothing to know it all, then look no further!

Get Ahead of the Curve

Like the PC or Internet revolution that came after it, Bitcoin has become THE technology of the moment with new products and innovations appearing daily. Wouldn’t you like to be one step ahead of the curve, to see THE NEXT BIG THING?

In “Bit by Bit – Bitcoin For Beginners Who Live In The Real World,” you will learn about Bitcoin in a simple conversational manner, building your knowledge chapter by chapter. You’ll discover how Bitcoin is changing the world and why 2015 might be the digital currencies year.

You’ll learn:

Where exactly did Bitcoin come from?

Is Bitcoin the next big thing?

How to be safe when using Bitcoin

How to mine for bitcoins

How to setup a Bitcoin wallet

How to get your first bitcoins for free

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