Create a “business prenup” and protect your business if a partner leaves

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, being in business means working with one or more co-owners. But what will happen to your company if you or a co-owner:

wants out of the business
wants to retire
goes through personal bankruptcy
wants to sell his shares to someone else
goes through a divorce
or passes away?

Business Buyout Agreements walks you through the creation of a legal contract — a sort of “premarital agreement” for your business — that protects everyone’s interests. This book will help you create documents to help ensure a smooth transition following someone’s departure. Clarify:

when co-owners can sell their interest
the circumstances when someone must sell
who can buy into the business
what price will be paid

The 5th edition of Business Buyout Agreements is updated to incorporate changes to estate tax law and discounts for small business valuation. Plus, it includes a complete business buyout agreement on CD-ROM.