C Programming For Beginners

A Simple and Easy Guide For C Programming

C Programming Language Guide With Tons of Examples

Are you looking for a simple, complete and quick reference for programming in C? If yes, you’ll find this book more useful than any other book out there. The book presents the general-purpose language, step by step. The book is written following a programmer’s approach and is therefore ideal for using as a quick guide and reference.

The book is highly recommended for students as their first or second programming
course. It covers all the basic concepts of programming in detail like Operators,
Functions, Decision making statements, Pointers, Arrays and Strings. The best thing about the book is the Source code along with output at the initial stages of book. Other than students, the book is pretty helpful for professionals as well since it has a thorough and detailed indexing of topics in each chapter.

The book allows the audience to be selective by reducing the inter-connectivity in the topics. We start with an overview of whole language, which involves brief history, basic features of C, comparison and contrast with other languages.
Then we move on to familiarizing the readers with C programs and syntax. We discuss the important components of syntax individually and in detail. This section has source code in it, which helps building the interest, and learning of the audience.

We study in detail about the Functions in C. The book discusses the built in functions as well as describes the rules and basics of writing your own functions. The chapter also includes programming examples.

Arrays, pointers and Strings are strong points of C language and hence are discussed separately in one chapter. The topics are closely related, hence comparisons and contrasts are worth the discussion.

We have an entire chapter dedicated to Binary Trees because of their importance. We discussed Abstract Data types as well as studied the examples of Stacks, Queues and Linked lists.

The book illustrates the general purpose use of programming language C, detailed
documentation of features provided by C, the working source code, along with
comparison between object oriented language, C++. The differences between ANSI C and traditional language “C” are elaborated in detail as well.

In this book you’ll learn:

Background of C programming

Strengths of C programming

Your first program in C

Understanding tokens and syntax

Keyword in C with functionality chart

Understanding character contents

List of control ASCII and printable ACII characters

Operators and Punctuators

Precedence and associativity

Explanation of various data types

Loops and decisions


Arrays, pointers and strings


Binary Trees

Tons and tons of examples

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