11 Jul 2020

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Acting: Onstage and Off Ed 5 

Demonstrating how offstage performance can be effectively adapted for the theatre, as well as how onstage training can be applied toward leading a full life outside the theatre, ACTING: ONSTAGE AND OFF is a humorous yet informative book that discusses the interplay between life on…

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Making a Performance 

Making a Performance traces innovations in devised performance from early theatrical experiments in the twentieth-century to the radical performances of the twenty-first century. This introduction to the theory, history and practice of devised performance explores how performance-makers have built on the experimental aesthetic traditions of…

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What You Become in Flight: A Memoir 

“Poignant and exquisite”–The Los Angeles Review of Books “An inspiring and powerful book”–Booklist “A genuinely absorbing read”–Kirkus “Revelatory, honest, and wondrous.”–Chanel Miller, author of Know My Name A lyrical and meditative memoir on the damage we inflict in the pursuit of perfection, the pain of…

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The Phenomenology of a Performative Knowledge System: Dancing with Native American Epistemology (Performance Philosophy) 

This book investigates the phenomenological ways that dance choreographing and dance performance exemplify both Truth and meaning-making within Native American epistemology, from an analytic philosophical perspective. Given that within Native American communities dance is regarded both as an integral cultural conduit and “a doorway to…