29 Mar 2020

Category: Business & Economics

Business & Money

Food-Energy-Water Nexus Resilience and Sustainable Development: Decision-Making Methods, Planning, and Trade-Off Analysis 

This book presents readers with an integrated modeling approach for analyzing and understanding the interconnection of water, energy, and food resources and discusses the relationship between resilience and sustainability of the food- energy –water (FEW) system. Authors provide novel frameworks, models, and algorithms designed to…

Business & Money

Duality and Modern Economics 

Dual arguments have become a standard tool for analysis of problems involving optimization by consumers and producers. The principal aim of this book is to provide a fairly systematic yet simple exposition of the basic structure of such arguments. The emphasis is not on providing…


Innovative Geschäftsmodelle 

Hochkarätige Autoren aus dem Academic Network von Roland Berger Strategy Consultants schreiben in dem neuesten Buch der Roland Berger Academic Series über Grundlagen und Anwendung innovativer Geschäftsmodelle. Das konzeptionelle Grundlagenkapitel beschreibt ein neu entwickeltes, branchenübergreifendes Dimensionierungsraster für Geschäftsmodelle – den wertbasierten Geschäftsmodellansatz. Er umfasst die…