09 Apr 2020

Category: Economics

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Disciplined Growth Strategies 

Accelerate your company’s growth in a disciplined fashion. This book provides leaders of large and small companies a proven comprehensive framework to think systematically about growth options and to yield practical strategies that produce faster growth. Drawing insights from case studies of successful and unsuccessful…

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Economic Modeling and Inference 

Economic Modeling and Inference takes econometrics to a new level by demonstrating how to combine modern economic theory with the latest statistical inference methods to get the most out of economic data. This graduate-level textbook draws applications from both microeconomics and macroeconomics, paying special attention…

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Introductory Mathematical Economics Ed 2 

A strong relationship clearly exists between mathematics and modern economics; mathematics helps extend and formalize economic theory, and quantitative economic data influences the development and refinement of mathematical models. In Introductory Mathematical Economics, 2/e, author D. Wade Hands introduces students to a variety of new…

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The Evolution of Corporate Disclosure: Insights on Traditional and Modern Corporate Communication (Contributions to Management Science) 

This book provides a critical analysis of the evolution of corporate disclosure. Building upon prior academic literature, it assesses the most important changes in mandatory corporate disclosure, the growing relevance of social and environmental disclosure, and revolutionary new forms of corporate communication, in particular social…

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Risk Choice and Uncertainty 

At its core, economics is about making decisions. In the history of economic thought, great intellectual prowess has been exerted toward devising exquisite theories of optimal decision making in situations of constraint, risk, and scarcity. Yet not all of our choices are purely logical, and…

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Duality and Modern Economics 

Dual arguments have become a standard tool for analysis of problems involving optimization by consumers and producers. The principal aim of this book is to provide a fairly systematic yet simple exposition of the basic structure of such arguments. The emphasis is not on providing…