11 Jul 2020

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Investor-State Dispute Settlement and National Courts: Current Framework and Reform Options (European Yearbook of International Economic Law) 

This open access book examines the multiple intersections between national and international courts in the field of investment protection, and suggests possible modes for regulating future jurisdictional interactions between domestic courts and international tribunals. The current system of foreign investment protection consists of more than…

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The Art of GLobal Thinking 

Leadership of the future requires you go beyond the numbers. By linking the ancient past with the present and the East with the West, Cyr puts leadership in a global perspective. The Art of Global Thinking shows how the ancient myths from the hunting societies…

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A Currency Options Primer 

A quick and concise guide to currency options An understanding of currency options is essential for those working in investment and foreign exchange. A Currency Options Primer sets out to give readers a clear guide to how the currency option market functions, offering practical advice…

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Forex Shockwave Analysis 

More than $2 trillion is traded in the foreign exchange every day, and many experts believe this figure will double in the next five years. Fortunately for spot currency traders, the high-volume periods in this market are predictably moved by information released from government and…