11 Jul 2020

Category: Extreme Sports

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Running to Extremes 

Runners will be inspired and fascinated reading about Mark Covert who has run every day for 45 straight years, how Pam Reed won the Badwater Ultramarathon, and Dean Karnazes ran 50 marathons in fifty states over 50 days, how Larry Macon set four world records…


Big World: A Girl’s Own Adventure 

An extraordinary and inspirational story about living life without limitations, this exciting account from an extreme sports fanatic is perfect for the armchair adventurer. Thrilling accounts of racing down the most dangerous road on the planet, jumping off a cliff strapped only to a flimsy…

Extreme Sports

Explorers of the Infinite: The Secret Spiritual Lives of Extreme Athletes-and What They Reveal About Near-D eath Experiences, Psychic Communication, and Touching the Beyond 

Real-life psychic, near-death, and paranormal experiences are combined with cutting-edge science and vivid adventure stories in this energetic look at why extreme athletes and mountaineers take the risks that allow them to push the limits of consciousness, and what they encounter there. In the life-or-death…


How Not to Be a Professional Racing Driver 

Pre-order your copy of the full-throtle memoir, How Not to Be a Professional Racing Driver, now! My name is Jason Plato. Two-time championship-winning and record-breaking racing driver, television presenter, voiceover artist, pilot, bon viveur, hedonist, robber, former inmate of the Monaco police department and a…


In Search of Al Howie 

The story of Al Howie is a remarkable and at times unbelievable adventure into the heart of the longest races in the world with one of modern history’s most eccentric ultra-marathon runners. If you ran 2225 kilometres from Winnipeg to Ottawa, you’d be crazy. If…