01 Apr 2020

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Hiking & Camping

Keeping Dry & Staying Warm (Part 1): How to stay dry, warm or cool in the outdoors. You, the environment, your garments and layering techniques. (part of series of 3) 

A unique must-read resource for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Gain a better understanding of what you are buying, selling and/or wearing, and blogging or writing about. Despite what advertising may imply, the garment does not do it all for you. Garment performance depends on…


Moon Jamaica (Travel Guide) Ed 8 

Dive in to warm Caribbean waters, soak up the sunshine, and discover the vibrant culture and spirit of Jamaica. Inside Moon Jamaica you’ll find: Flexible, strategic itineraries with ideas for backpackers, beach-lovers, adventure travelers, honeymooners, wellness-seekers, and more Top activities and unique experiences: Watch hummingbirds…