12 Jul 2020

Category: Study & Test-Taking Skills

Behavioral Sciences

Fostering Independent Learning: Practical Strategies to Promote Student Success (The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series) 

Accessible, practical, and empowering, this book gives school professionals the tools to put students in charge of their own learning. Going beyond traditional “study skills” guides that focus on the mechanics of homework completion and test taking, the authors address the underlying psychological factors that…

Behavioral Sciences

Arts-Based Pathways into Thinking: Troubling Standardization/s, Enticing Multiplicities, Inhabiting Creative Imaginings (SpringerBriefs in Arts-Based Educational Research) 

This book, based on a critical/collective/auto/ethnographic research project, describes an assemblage of theoretically informed, arts-based methods that aim to promote multiplicity and thinking. It explores multiplicities of knowing, sensing, doing and being, generated by analyzing knowing frames, poetry, reading aloud, fableing, playwriting and other inventive,…

Education & Teaching

Understanding Chinese Multilingual Scholars’ Experiences of Writing and Publishing in English: A Social-Cognitive Perspective 

This book analyses the English writing and publishing experiences of 118 scholars from 18 Chinese universities from a social-cognitive perspective. It addresses the challenges and strategies multilingual scholars, particularly Chinese academics, reported in the process of writing and publishing in English. This allows the author…

Education & Teaching

egghead’s Guide to Vocabulary 

Peterson’s egghead’s Guide to Vocabulary will help students improve the range of their vocabulary, boost their scores on verbal ability tests, and improve their diction on any writing assignment. With the help of Peterson’s new character, egghead, students can strengthen their vocabulary with narrative cartoons…