29 Mar 2020

Category: Engineering & Transportation


Bioresource Utilization and Bioprocess 

This book focuses on the utilization of bio-resources and their conversion pathways for a sustainable future. Tapping into bio-resources by means of thermochemical and biochemical processes has attracted researchers from all over the world; it is a broad area that has given birth to concepts…


Advanced Manufacturing Processes: Selected Papers from the Grabchenko’s International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Processes … (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering) 

This book offers a timely yet comprehensive snapshot of innovative research and developments in the area of manufacturing. It covers a wide range of manufacturing processes, such as cutting, coatings, and grinding, highlighting the advantages provided by the use of new materials and composites, as…


Applied Geophysics Ed 2 

Completely revised and updated, this new edition of the popular and highly regarded textbook, Applied Geophysics, describes the physical methods involved in exploration for hydrocarbons and minerals. These tools include gravity, magnetic, seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, and radioactivity studies. All aspects of these methods are described,…


God and Reason in the Middle Ages 

The Age of Reason associated with the names of Descartes, Newton, Hobbes, and the French philosophers, actually began in the universities that first emerged in the late Middle Ages (1100 to 1600) when the first large scale institutionalization of reason in the history of civilization…


Green, Smart and Connected Transportation Systems: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Green Intelligent Transportation Systems and … Notes in Electrical Engineering (617)) 

These proceedings gather selected papers from the 9th International Conference on Green Intelligent Transportation Systems and Safety, held in Guilin, China on July 1-3, 2018. They feature cutting-edge studies on Green Intelligent Mobility Systems, the guiding motto being to achieve “green, intelligent, and safe transportation…