08 Aug 2020

Category: Engineering & Transportation


Proceedings of the National Aerospace Propulsion Conference (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering) 

This volume presents selected papers presented during the National Aerospace Propulsion Conference (NAPC) held at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. It brings together contributions from the entire propulsion community, spanning air-breathing and non-air-breathing propulsion. The papers cover aerospace propulsion-related topics, and discuss relevant research advances…


Brain and Human Body Modeling 2020: Computational Human Models Presented at EMBC 2019 and the BRAIN Initiative® 2019 Meeting 

This open access book describes modern applications of computational human modeling in an effort to advance neurology, cancer treatment, and radio-frequency studies including regulatory, safety, and wireless communication fields. Readers working on any application that may expose human subjects to electromagnetic radiation will benefit from…


Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Containing Molecules on Metal Surfaces: Towards the Realization of Sustainable Hydrogen Economy (Springer Series in Surface Sciences (71)) 

This book is dedicated to recent advancements in theoretical and computational studies on the interactions of hydrogen and hydrogenated molecules with metal surfaces. These studies are driven by the development of high-performance computers, new experimental findings, and the extensive work of technological applications towards the…


Advances in Smart Technologies Applications and Case Studies: Selected Papers from the First International Conference on Smart Information and … Notes in Electrical Engineering (684)) 

This book offers a comprehensive snapshot of practically-relevant developments in the field of smart information technologies. Including selected papers presented at the First International Conference on Smart Information and Communication Technologies, SmartICT 2019, held on September 26-28, in 2019, Saidia, Morocco, it reports on practical…


Mechanics of Wood Machining Ed 3 

The new edition of this textbook, while largely retaining the proven chapter structure of the previous editions, combines the quantitative, mathematical analysis of the mechanisms of wood processing with practical recommendations and solutions. It presents new theoretical and experimental approaches and offers a clear and…