12 Jul 2020

Category: Parenting & Relationships

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Comment fabriquer son masque facial et son désinfectant: Un guide complet pour fabriquer votre masque facial et votre désinfectant pour les mains à la … ses produits d’entretien) (French Edition) 

L’utilisation de désinfectants pour les mains et de masques faciaux est un moyen important de lutter contre la propagation des virus ou des maladies dans la société. Dans ce livre, vous découvrirez comment fabriquer des masques efficaces à partir de produits que vous avez déjà…


Parenting: The Long Journey 

Parenting: The Long Journey stands out in its approach to parenting in that it reinforces the view that parenting is primarily a relationship requiring a particular attitude and a series of skills readily available to parents. In this way it is both instructive and encouraging…


The Compass of a Conscience 

Have you ever heard the expression “Let your conscience be your guide”? Donnell White is a man determined to ease the guilt of his conscience by volunteering as a mentor at a detention center full of high-risk teens. The message he conveys to them is…

Family Activities

Family Field Trip: Explore Art, Food, Music, and Nature with Kids (Child Raising and Parenting Book, Montessori and World Schooling Book, Summer Vacation Guide) 

With more than 40 family-friendly cultural activities and adventures, Family Field Trip makes it easy to incorporate moments of learning and exploration into life with kids. In this engaging guide, parents and caretakers will find simple-to-follow ideas and tips for cultural experiences the whole family…

Parenting & Relationships

Attention: A Love Story 

“This is a rich inquiry into what it means to pay (and maintain) attention in a world increasingly permeated with distraction and interference.”—Publisher’s Weekly Combining expert storytelling with genuine self-scrutiny, Casey Schwartz details the decade she spend taking Adderall to help her pay attention (or…