12 Jul 2020

Category: Adoption


Pocket Supersex 

Now available in a handy, compact, size, a groundbreaking, lavishly illustrated guide to human sexuality offers an honest and entertaining approach that covers everything from the fundamentals of male and female anatomy to sexual techniques, tips, and tricks.


Denied! Failing Cordelia: Parental Love and Parental-State Theft in Los Angeles Juvenile Dependency Court: Book One: The Cankered Rose and Esther’s Revenge 

The Cankered Rose and Esther’s Revenge begins the author’s dramatic journey of adopting his teenage daughter with severe attachment issues in Seattle. The heartbreak of then seeing Cordelia “stolen” by the efforts of his former wife and the child-welfare legal complex in Los Angeles, alongside…

Addiction & Recovery

Prison Baby: A Memoir 

A deeply personal and inspiring memoir recounting one woman’s struggles–beginning with her birth in prison–to find self-acceptance Even at twelve years old Deborah Jiang Stein, the adopted daughter of a progressive Jewish couple in Seattle, felt like an outsider. Her multiracial features set her apart…