11 Jul 2020

Category: Self-Help

Personal Transformation

Law of Attraction: Unleash the Power and Be the Creator of Your Life – Law of Attraction Secrets to Manifesting More Money, More Power, More Love (Law … of Attraction Love, Manifesting) (Volume 1) 

LAW OF ATTRACTION SECRETS REVEALED! (FREE BONUS INSIDE: 30 DAY LAW OF ATTRACTION JOURNAL!) Unleash the Power and Be the Creator of Your Life! Learn the true Art of Manifesting MORE MONEY, MORE POWER and MORE LOVE! Here Is A Sneak Peak of the Law…

Death & Grief

The American Way of Death Revisited 

Only the scathing wit and searching intelligence of Jessica Mitford could turn an exposé of the American funeral industry into a book that is at once deadly serious and side-splittingly funny. When first published in 1963, this landmark of investigative journalism became a runaway bestseller…


Love’s Confusions 

Love’s confusions are legion. We promise to love, but we cannot love at will. Love God, we’re commanded, but we cannot love on command. And given the vicissitudes of self-love, even if we could love our neighbors as we love ourselves, would it be a…