08 Jul 2020

Category: Self-Esteem

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Emotional Intelligence : 4 In 1 Mastery Guide : Emotional Intelligence Mastery, Learn to Spot and Avoid Manipulation, The Procrastination Fix and The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Workbook 

Do you want to know how Emotional Intelligence can work wonders and attract Success for you in your work and Life? How about ferreting out nasty manipulators in your life and achieving inner peace as well as healing via Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques? Congratulations! You…


Never Give Up 

It’s always too early to quit. You are tougher than you think and stronger than you know. This bright and emboldening book of quotes from life’s winners and strivers is a timely reminder of what’s possible when you NEVER GIVE UP. A small yet powerful…



365 Positive Ways to Start Your Day Good Morning offers proven tools to help us live our best life daily. While studies show breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, Brook Noel believes a positive “emotional breakfast” is a key source of…