01 Apr 2020

Category: Addiction & Recovery

Addiction & Recovery

Theory of Addiction Ed 2 

The word ‘addiction’ these days is used to refer to a chronic condition where there is an unhealthily powerful motivation to engage in a particular behaviour. This can be driven by many different factors – physiological, psychological, environmental and social. If we say that it…

Addiction & Recovery

Gambling as an Addictive Behaviour: Impaired Control, Harm Minimisation, Treatment and Prevention (International Research Monographs in the Addictions) 

Presenting the latest conclusions about the psychological processes leading to impaired self-control, this book challenges the current harm-prevention policy of “responsible gambling.” The authors present the most recent and evolving research into gambling, demonstrating the psychological variables that govern the erosion or maintenance of self-control…

Addiction & Recovery

Family Solutions for Substance Abuse: Clinical and Counseling Approaches (Haworth Marriage and the Family) 

Use goal-oriented techniques for successful family therapy with substance abusers! Family therapy is an essential core competency for substance-abuse counselors, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Family Solutions for Substance Abuse: Clinical and Counseling Approaches delivers the information and techniques you…

Addiction & Recovery

Drugs In Sport: The Pressure To Perform 

This BMA report discusses the current situation regarding performance enhancing drugs as well as the effects of prescribed medication on sports people’s performance. Written with expert advice, and rigorously reviewed by specialists, the report addresses the physician’s role and responsibilities in this highly sensitive area….