09 Apr 2020

Category: Aging


Growing Pineapples in the Outback 

When Rebecca Lister and Tony Kelly move from Melbourne to Mount Isa to care for Rebecca’s elderly mother, Diana, they have no idea what they’ve signed up for. The isolation, sweltering heat and limited employment opportunities make settling into the mining town a challenge. While…


Revisiting Economic Vulnerability in Old Age: Low Income and Subjective Experiences Among Swiss Pensioners (Life Course Research and Social Policies (11)) 

This book offers an interdisciplinary analysis of the experience of economic vulnerability among older adults. Drawing on various fields ranging from happiness, economics to stress research, it integrates assessments from objective and subjective measurement perspectives. The book offers nuanced insights into prevalent experiences of low…


The Small Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease 

“This practical field guide deciphers the complex diagnosis and treatment tools that everyone must understand to combat this epidemic.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D., Bestselling author & Host of The Dr. Oz Show “Millions of people are impacted every day by Alzheimer’s. Those who get…


Human Development and Political Violence 

Human Development and Political Violence presents an innovative approach to research and practice with young people growing up in the context of political violence. Based on developmental theory, this book explains and illustrates how children and youth interact with environments defined by war, armed conflict,…


Getting Old: Deal with it 

You know you’re old when your adult children talk to each other in front of you and spell out certain words. Reaching the milestone of 80, Lee Janogly was continually irritated at the notion that older people are slower, frailer and generally out of touch…


Economics and Ageing: Volume IV: Political Economy 

This upper level textbook provides a coherent introduction to the economic implications of individual and population ageing. Placing economic considerations into a wider social sciences context, this is ideal reading not only for advanced undergraduate and masters students in health economics and economics of ageing,…