07 Apr 2020

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Supersex for Life by Tracey Cox (2010-01-14) 

Do you want to rediscover the excitement, desires, and raw power that made sex with your partner so fantastic when you first got together? A must-have sex guide for any couple, Supersex for Life gives no-nonsense practical solutions to keeping the lust alive in long-term relationships. Written…


Impotence: A Cultural History 

As anyone who has watched television in recent years can attest, we live in the age of Viagra. From Bob Dole to Mike Ditka to late-night comedians, our culture has been engaged in one long, frank, and very public talk about impotence—and our newfound pharmaceutical…

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The Orgasm Answer Guide 

The Orgasm Answer Guide answers common questions many people have about one of life’s most fascinating experiences.In an accessible question-and-answer format, four of the world’s leading sexuality experts address every aspect of orgasms: how they happen, why they don’t, and what can be done to…