25 Jan 2020

Category: Americas


Mémoires of Michilimackinac and the Pays d’en Haut: Indians and French in the Upper Great Lakes at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century 

Mémoires of Michilimackinac offers corrected, unabridged, and properly annotated and edited transcriptions and translations of three important documents related to the French presence and French–Native American relations in the Great Lakes region before 1715. The Relation du sieur De lamotte Cadillac; d’Aigremont’s Mémoire of November…


Relativization in Ojibwe 

In Relativization in Ojibwe, Michael D. Sullivan Sr. compares varieties of the Ojibwe language and establishes subdialect groupings for Southwestern Ojibwe, often referred to as Chippewa, of the Algonquian family. Drawing from a vast corpus of both primary and archived sources, he presents an overview…


Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar, Second Edition: Martinique and the World-Economy, 1830-1848 (SUNY Series, Fernand Braudel Center Studies in Historical Social Science) Ed 2 

Traces the historical development of slave labor and plantation agriculture in nineteenth-century Martinique. A classic text long out of print, Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar traces the historical development of slave labor and plantation agriculture in Martinique during the period immediately preceding slave emancipation…


Spiritual Socialists: Religion and the American Left 

Refuting the common perception that the American left has a religion problem, Vaneesa Cook highlights an important but overlooked intellectual and political tradition that she calls “spiritual socialism.” Spiritual socialists emphasized the social side of socialism and believed the most basic expression of religious values—caring…