31 May 2020

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C++: PROGRAMMING ESSENTIALS (Bonus Content Included): Get into App Development today! Code and Design your first C++ app NOW (C, C++, Programming, Web Development, App Development) 

Create GREAT software using one of today’s most influential programming language! Would you like to learn the code that creates today’s greatest software? Video games? Apps? Perhaps create the NEXT GREATEST one? * * LIMITED TIME OFFER * * (Exclusive to Amazon Customers Only) BONUS…

Computers & Technology

C Programming Language Quick Start Guide: Simplified C Programming For Beginners (C Programming, C Programming Language, C Programming for Absolute Beginner, … For Beginners, Programming in C) 

C Programming For Beginners A Simple and Easy Guide For C Programming C Programming Language Guide With Tons of Examples Are you looking for a simple, complete and quick reference for programming in C? If yes, you’ll find this book more useful than any other…

Computers & Technology

PHP: PROGRAMMING FOUNDATIONS (Bonus Content Included): Learn Server-Side Programming today! Learn Website Development and code with today’s Modern Technology! (php & server programming series) 

Power UP your sites with today’s premier Server Language! * * LIMITED TIME OFFER * * (An Amazon-Only Exclusive) Want to give your websites absolute functionality? Want to create web pages more efficiently? PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages today. Ever…

Computers & Technology

Hands-on JavaScript 

JavaScript is by far the most used programming language on the Internet. It is a client-side scripting language, meaning even though you see it’s results on a webpage, it’s run on your local computer. It’s run on your computer by an interpreter that is built…