12 Jul 2020

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Arts & Photography

27: Kurt Cobain (The 27 Club Series) 

Kurt Cobain, Nirvana frontman, died aged just 27. In this insightful mini-biography, respected music critic Chris Salewicz examines Cobain’s journey from sensitive loner to generational icon. Salewicz scrutinizes Cobain’s tormented inner life, his tempestuous relationship with Courtney Love, and the importance of his cultural legacy….

Arts & Photography

Elements and Principles of Design 

With over 70 illustrations drawn from contemporary visual culture, Elements and Principles of Design provides insight into the tools designers use for visual communications and graphic design. With relevance to digital design, art and traditional forms of design, this booklet discusses the ways in which…

Kindle eBooks

Wildlife and Infectious Animal Diseases: The Proceedings of a Nordic –Baltic seminar on the role of the wildlife as reservoir and /or spread of infectious … diseases in the coastal areas of count 

Many infectious diseases of domestic animals and humans have reservoirs in wild animals. One of these diseases is rabies which worldwide causes more than 55.000 deaths pr. year. Climatic changes, human population growth, certain livestock production systems and continued globalization enhance the interface between wildlife,…


British Flying Legends 

DESCRIPTION Guy Gibson: Legend of the Dam Busters John Moffat: Legend of the Bismarck RJ Mitchell: Legend of the Spitfire This edition of ‘British Flying Legends’ by Richard Edwards is published by rabbit & snail and combines three chapters, each focusing on an aviation hero,…