29 Mar 2020

Category: Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Regional Economic Development in Russia: Institutions, Regulations, and Structural Transformations (Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics) 

This book gathers selected papers presented at the International Scientific Conference “Economics in the Changing World,” held on June 26-27, 2018 at the Institute of Management, Economics and Finance of Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia). The conference featured contributions by leading specialists in the field…

Administrative Law

Law for Social Workers 

This book provides an indispensable and practical guide to essential social work law and practice. It gives the reader a critical overview of the modern legal system looking at the way in which law is made, the court structure and the increasing influence of legal…

Administrative Law

Family Law 

Family Law is an accessible, student-friendly textbook which provides a comprehensive foundation in the key topics covered by undergraduate and CPE/GDL courses. Written with clarity, Family Law offers an introduction not just to the black-letter law but also to the social, economic and historical developments…

Administrative Law

The Divine Bureaucracy and Disenchantment of Social Life: A Study of Bureaucratic Islam in Malaysia (Contestations in Contemporary Southeast Asia) 

This book traces the expansion of Islamisation within a modern and plural state such as Malaysia. It elaborates on how elements of theology, sacred space, resources, and their interactivity with secular instruments such as legislative, electoral, and new social technological platforms are all instrumentally employed…