05 Apr 2020

Category: Business


The 2017 FIDIC Contracts 

Provides a clear and comprehensive guide to the 2017 FIDIC contracts―written by a member of the FIDIC Updates Task Group FIDIC contracts are the most widely used engineering standard form contracts internationally but until 2017 the three main forms (the Red, Yellow and Silver Books)…


The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools: Games, Activities, and Simulations for Understanding Restorative Justice Practices (Justice and Peacebuilding) 

Engaging Practices for Integrating Restorative Justice Principles in Group Settings As restorative practices spread around the world, scholars and practitioners have begun to ask very important questions: How should restorative practices be taught? What educational structures and methods are in alignment with restorative values and…


Essentials of Business Law Ed 10 

Essentials of Business Law, 10/e is a practical, concise, and broad-based introduction to the vibrant field of business law. Both the traditional areas of law, such as contracts and property, and the emerging areas of law, such as e-commerce and environmental, are covered in short,…