10 Apr 2020

Category: Environmental & Natural Resources Law

Business & Money

Smart Mixes for Transboundary Environmental Harm (Cambridge Studies on Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Governance) 

This work offers a multidisciplinary approach to legal and policy instruments used to prevent and remedy global environmental challenges. It provides a theoretical overview of a variety of instruments, making distinctions between levels of governance (treaties, domestic law), types of instruments (market-based instruments, regulation, and…

Business & Money

Contractor Safety Management 

A Winner of the Educational Award by the World Safety Organization Contractor safety management is often seen as nothing more than a subset of general safety management in that no special consideration needs to be given to understanding the difficulties of the contract environment. This…

Earth Sciences

Water Security in the Mediterranean Region: An International Evaluation of Management, Control, and Governance Approaches (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series C: Environmental Security) 

The role of water in our communities, from local to regional and right up to global levels, poses a series of key questions about climate change, about the anthropogenic impact on the environment, and about all the interconnected actions and events that affect the availability…