11 Jul 2020

Category: Foreign & International Law

Foreign & International Law

Transitional Justice in Ghana: An Appraisal of the National Reconciliation Commission (International Criminal Justice Series (25)) 

This book situates Ghana’s truth-telling process, which took place from 2002 to 2004, within the discourse on the effectiveness of the different mechanisms used by post-conflict and post-dictatorship societies to address gross human rights violations. The National Reconciliation Commission was the most comprehensive transitional justice…

Biological Sciences

International Marine Mammal Law 

International Marine Mammal Law is a comprehensive, introductory volume on the legal regimes governing the conservation and utilisation of marine mammals. Written as a textbook, it provides basic overviews of international conservation law, which enable the reader to understand the greater implications of governance of…

Foreign & International Law

Ethics of Medical Innovation, Experimentation, and Enhancement in Military and Humanitarian Contexts (Military and Humanitarian Health Ethics) 

This book discusses ethical questions surrounding research and innovation in military and humanitarian contexts. It focuses on human enhancement in the military. Recently, the availability of medical enhancement designed to make soldiers more capable of surviving during conflict, as well as enabling them to defeat…

Foreign & International Law

Writing Beyond the State: Post-Sovereign Approaches to Human Rights in Literary Studies (Palgrave Studies in Literature, Culture and Human Rights) 

This book investigates the imaginative capacities of literature, art and culture as sites for reimagining human rights, addressing deep historical and structural forms of belonging and unbelonging; the rise of xenophobia, neoliberal governance, and securitization that result in the purposeful precaritization of marginalized populations; ecological…