11 Jul 2020

Category: Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Études de l’OCDE sur l’innovation environnementale Politique environnementale, innovation technologique et dépôts de brevets (French Edition) 

Les objectifs environnementaux peuvent être atteints de manière moins coûteuse grâce à l’innovation technologique. Il est donc important pour les débats politiques de comprendre le rôle que l’innovation technologique peut jouer dans la réalisation des objectifs environnementaux. Toutefois, la relation entre la politique environnementale et…


The Little Book of Restorative Teaching Tools: Games, Activities, and Simulations for Understanding Restorative Justice Practices (Justice and Peacebuilding) 

Engaging Practices for Integrating Restorative Justice Principles in Group Settings As restorative practices spread around the world, scholars and practitioners have begun to ask very important questions: How should restorative practices be taught? What educational structures and methods are in alignment with restorative values and…

Intellectual Property

Gene Patents and Collaborative Licensing Models: Patent Pools, Clearinghouses, Open Source Models and Liability Regimes (Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law) 

Concerns have been expressed that gene patents might result in restricted access to research and health care. The exponential growth of patents claiming human DNA sequences might result in patent thickets, royalty stacking and, ultimately, a ‘tragedy of the anti-commons’ in genetics. The essays in…