05 Apr 2020

Category: Medicine

Medical Books

Herpes Simplex Viruses (CRC Press Revivals) 

Studying the epidemiology, identification, pathogenesis and clinical features of diseases associated with herpes simplex viruses, this important reference evaluates the latest treatment regimens, mechanisms of immune response and evasion, and research related to vaccines for the prevention and reduction of HSV outbreaks. Covering the basic…

Medical Books

DNA Tumor Viruses 

This unique book focuses on the DNA viruses in the human population that are associated with cancers. It covers most of the viruses that are thought to contribute to human malignancy. This book represents a comprehensive review of the field of DNA tumor virology. Right…

Medical Books

Gastroenteritis Viruses 

This important book covers the structure and molecular biology of small round structured viruses (SSRVs) such as caliciviruses and astroviruses, and the basic pathology of infection. It provides readers with the knowledge needed to make progress in the prevention and treatment of these infections. Readers…