05 Apr 2020

Category: Pharmacology

Basic Sciences

Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids 

Complete, up-to-date coverage of the broad area of nucleic acid chemistry and biology Assembling contributions from a collection of authors with expertise in all areas of nucleic acids, medicinal chemistry, and therapeutic applications, Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids presents a thorough overview of nucleic acid…


Control of Amphiphile Self-Assembling at the Molecular Level: Supra-Molecular Assemblies with Tuned Physicochemical Properties for Delivery Applications (ACS Symposium Series) 

The main focus of the book is the design, synthesis and characterization of amphiphile self-assemblies and the dynamic assessment of these assemblies as delivery systems for drugs and nucleic acids. As delivery systems, these supra-molecular assemblies have the ability to change the pharmacokinetics and volume…