09 Apr 2020

Category: Medicine & Health Sciences

Medicine & Health Sciences

Tumor Microenvironment: Extracellular Matrix Components – Part A (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology (1245)) 

Revealing essential roles of the tumor microenvironment in cancer progression, this volume focuses on the extracellular matrix components of the tumor during cancer development. Further, it teaches readers about the roles of distinct constituents of the tumor microenvironment and how they affect cancer development. Topics…

Medicine & Health Sciences

Handbook of Inpatient Endocrinology 

A user-friendly, pocket-sized reference for all physicians faced with endocrine care and challenges in hospitalized patients, this handbook covers the most common issues leading to an inpatient endocrine consult, providing differential diagnoses, a reasonable and practical approach to investigating and managing the condition, and advice…

Medicine & Health Sciences

Principles Of Biomedical Instrumentation (Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering) 

This accessible yet in-depth textbook describes the step-by-step processes involved in biomedical device design. Integrating microfabrication techniques, sensors and digital signal processing with key clinical applications, it covers: the measurement, amplification and digitization of physiological signals, and the removal of interfering signals; the transmission of…