02 Apr 2020

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Spinoza (The Routledge Philosophers) 

Renowned for his metaphysics, Spinoza made significant contributions to understanding the human mind, the emotions, moral philosophy, and political philosophy.Beginning with an overview of Spinoza’s life, Michael Della Rocca carefully unpacks and explains Spinoza’s philosophy: his metaphysics of substance and argument at the center of…


Thucydides and Herodotus 

This edited collection looks at two of the most important ancient Greek historians living in the 5th Century BCE who are considered to be the founders of the western tradition of historiography. Thucydides and Herodotus examines the relevant relationship between these historians which is considered,…


Empathic Screen 

Why do people go to the movies? What does it mean to watch a movie? To what extent is the perceived fictional nature of movies different from our daily perception of the real world? We live in a time where the power of images has…


Accounting for the Public Interest: Perspectives on Accountability, Professionalism and Role in Society (Advances in Business Ethics Research) 

This volume explores the opportunities and challenges facing the accounting profession in an increasingly globalized business and financial reporting environment. It looks back at past experiences of the profession in attempting to meet its public interest obligation. It examines the role and responsibilities of accounting…

New, Used & Rental Textbooks

Protecting the Arctic: Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Survival (Studies in Environmental Anthropology) 

Protecting the Arctic explores some of the ways in which indigenous peoples have taken political action regarding Arctic environmental and sustainable development issues, and investigates the involvement of indigenous peoples in international environmental policy- making. Nuttall illustrates how indigenous peoples make claims that their own…