12 Jul 2020

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Politics & Government

Challenges and Opportunities for Chinese Agriculture: Feeding Many While Protecting the Environment (China and Globalization 2.0) 

This book elaborates on the transformation of agricultural development in China into the construction of a “resource and ecologically sound society”, and the coordinated development of industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization in China. It focuses on the multiple goals of transforming the Chinese agricultural development…

Politics & Government

Culture Warrior 

Bill O’Reilly is the very embodiment of the idea of a Culture Warrior—and in this book he lives up to the title brilliantly, with all the brashness and forthrightness at his command. He sees that America is in the midst of a fierce culture war…

Politics & Government

The State, IT and Development 

The issues surrounding e-governance in India are discussed in this volume. Topics examined include: governance challenges and the pitfalls of ICT applications; citizen-centric governance; cyberlaws and their implementation; the role of ICT in combating corruption; technological and human readiness to make e-governance a reality; conceptualizing…

Politics & Government

The 43 Group 

Written by a founding member, the remarkable history of an incredibly effective anti-fascist action group that shut down thousands of fascist meetings and rallies Oswald Mosley decided he could carry on where Hitler and Mussolini had left off, and on street corners his fascist speakers…

Politics & Government

Understanding Crime: A Multidisciplinary Approach 

Explores the interdisciplinary nature and potential of the field of criminology, covering the fields of sociology, economics, psychology, biology, philosophy and religious studies. The conclusion demonstrates various theoretical approaches for policy development and discusses opportunities for incorporating academic contributions into the political process. Chapters include…