25 May 2020

Category: Reference


The Author’s Handbook Ed 2 

Providing essential guidance for both aspiring and experienced authors, the second edition of The Author’s Handbook is a valuable resource for writers of all levels. Extensively updated and expanded to account for significant changes in the publishing industry, The Author’s Handbook outlines effective techniques to…


Inside Track to Writing Dissertations and Theses 

Successful Dissertation Writing guides students through the involved process of writing an academic dissertation, developing their ability to communicate ideas and research fluently and successfully. Taking students through the dissertation process, this book includes: · Rationales, strategies, examples, and tasks designed to increase confidence, motivation,…



Esta coleção se compõe de Workbooks concebidos para ajudar os alunos a se prepararem para os exames internacionais de inglês. -Os volumes podem ser usados em sala ou para estudo individual em casa. -A coleção testa e aperfeiçoa o vocabulário dos alunos, com exercícios, jogos,…


The Interactive Stance 

This book presents one of the first attempts at developing a precise, grammatically rooted, theory of conversation motivated by data from real conversations. The theory has descriptive reach from the micro-conversational — e.g. self-repair at the word level — to macro-level phenomena such as multi-party…


The Positions of Adjectives in English 

This book explores the uses of adjectives in different constructions, and of the problems that arise in their analysis, both in terms of syntactic theory and philosophy of grammar. Professor Matthews also examines a variety of other issues relating to individual adjective positions, including the…


Brevity (Oxford Linguistics) 

Brevity in conversation is a window to the workings of the mind. This book brings it into prominence as both a multifaceted topic of deep philosophical importance and a phenomenon that serves as a testing ground for theories in linguistics, psycholinguistics, and computer modeling. Brevity…