12 Jul 2020

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Encyclopedias & Subject Guides

The Mysteries of Mithra: The Definitive Account of a Crucial Historical Moment when a Colorful Oriental Religion Swept over the Roman Empire (Routledge Revivals) 

First published in 1956, this seminal study, by the great Belgian scholar Franz Cumont, remains the definitive coverage of a great ideological struggle between the West and the Orient in the first centuries of the Christian era. Mithraism, a mystery religion originating in Persia, spread…

Encyclopedias & Subject Guides

Handbook on Small Nations in the Global Economy: The Contribution of Multinational Enterprises to National Economic Success 

This unique, extensive Handbook illustrates that multinational enterprises can contribute substantially to the competitive advantage of small countries. It advances the notion that small nations increasingly need to rely on both home-grown and foreign multinational enterprises to achieve domestic economic success in industries characterized by…