11 Jul 2020

Category: Words, Language & Grammar


Painless Grammar (Painless Series) 

Most students and many teachers think of grammar books as being, at best, necessary evils–but here’s a book that breaks free from the pattern and takes the boredom out of grammar. Written primarily for children on the middle-school level, this book mixes parts of speech…


Painless Grammar (Painless Series) Ed 2 

This very approachable text combines instruction in parts of speech and sentence structure with down-to-earth examples, funny illustrations, and examination of some of the more amusing and peculiar words in the English language. A chapter on clear e-mail communication and etiquette is brand new in…


How to Build Social Science Theories 

As straightforward as its title, How to Build Social Science Theories sidesteps the well-traveled road of theoretical examination by demonstrating how new theories originate and how they are elaborated. Essential reading for students of social science research, this book traces theories from their most rudimentary…


Quantity Implicatures 

In recent years, quantity implicatures – a type of pragmatic inference – have been widely debated in linguistics, philosophy, and psychology, and have been subject to an enormous variety of analyses, ranging from lexical, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic, to various hybrid accounts. In this first…