11 Aug 2020

Category: Religion related


How Doctors Think and Learn 

This book describes the theoretical basis for the acquisition; development and refining of professional medical skills from entry level into professional training to those developing specialist expertise. Chapters review the presently available literature on educational theory, the cognitive processes underpinning memory and learning, skill acquisition,…

Religion & Spirituality

Religion and Prison: An Overview of Contemporary Europe: A Contemporary Overview (Boundaries of Religious Freedom: Regulating Religion in Diverse Societies (7)) 

This volume offers a European overview of the management of religious diversity in prisons and provides readers with rich empirical material and a comparative perspective. The chapters combine both legal and sociological approaches. Coverage for each country includes historical background, current penitentiary organization, and recent…

Religion & Spirituality

Navigating the Everyday as Middle-Class British-Pakistani Women: Ethnicity, Identity and Belonging 

This ethnographic study of middle-class British-Pakistani women in Manchester explores the sense of belonging they create through recognition and social status. Belonging in these communities is enacted through the performance of different identities―class, ethnicity, nationality, generation, age, religion, and gender―that earn them social power and…