12 Jul 2020

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Christian Books & Bibles

According to Their Deeds 

Charles Beale lives happily in the shadows of Washington, D.C., as a respectable rare-books dealer. Or mostly respectable. He has a streak of the gambler in him and when a devoted client dies–a man deeply connected to the Justice Department–Beale eagerly regains the man’s book…

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Jesus and Philosophy: New Essays 

What, if anything, does Jesus of Nazareth have to do with philosophy? This question motivates this collection of new essays from leading theologians, philosophers, and biblical scholars. Part I portrays Jesus in his first-century intellectual and historical context, attending to intellectual influences and contributions and…

Christian Books & Bibles

Ensign, May 2014 

Welcome to ConferenceThomas S. Monson Listen The Cost—and Blessings—of DiscipleshipJeffrey R. Holland Listen The Joyful Burden of DiscipleshipRonald A. Rasband Listen Christ the RedeemerCarlos H. Amado Listen Protection from Pornography—a Christ-Focused HomeLinda S. Reeves Listen Spiritual WhirlwindsNeil L. Andersen Listen A Priceless Heritage of HopeHenry…