25 Jan 2020

Category: Christian Books & Bibles

Business & Money

Modern Metaphors of Christian Leadership: Exploring Christian Leadership in a Contemporary Organizational Context (Christian Faith Perspectives in Leadership and Business) 

This book explores contemporary metaphors of leadership from a biblical or church historical perspective. It seeks to understand the cultural, social, and organizational metaphors from the Bible and the implications for contemporary organizations. Addressing issues such as communication, mentorship, administration, motivation, change management, education, and…

Ancient Civilizations

Celibate Marriages in Late Antique and Byzantine Hagiography: The Lives Of Saints Julian And Basilissa, Andronikos And Athanasia, And Galaktion And Episteme 

Celibate Marriages in Late Antique and Byzantine Hagiography explores the puzzling phenomenon of celibate marriage as depicted in the lives of three couples who achieved sainthood. Marriage without intercourse appears to have no purpose, especially in Christian antiquity, yet these three tales were copied for…