12 Jul 2020

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Bible Study & Reference

Jesus and Philosophy: New Essays 

What, if anything, does Jesus of Nazareth have to do with philosophy? This question motivates this collection of new essays from leading theologians, philosophers, and biblical scholars. Part I portrays Jesus in his first-century intellectual and historical context, attending to intellectual influences and contributions and…

Bible Study & Reference

Israel and the Assyrians: Deuteronomy, the Succession Treaty of Esarhaddon, and the Nature of Subversion (Society of Biblical Literature Ancient Near East Monographs) 

Was Deuteronomy created to be a subversive text based on Assyrian treaties? In this new book Crouch focuses on Deuteronomy’s subversive intent, asking what would be required in order for Deuteronomy to successfully subvert either a specific Assyrian source or Assyrian ideology more generally. The…

Bible Study & Reference

Social Theory and the Study of Israelite Religion: Essays in Retrospect and Prospect (Sbl – Resources for Biblical Study) 

This volume assesses past, theoretically engaged work on Israelite religion and presents new approaches to particular problems and larger interpretive and methodological questions. It gathers previously unpublished research by senior and mid-career scholars well known for their contributions in the area of social theory and…

Bible Study & Reference

Learn to Read New Testament Greek 

An academic staple updated for the first time in fifteen years, David Alan Black’s user-friendly introduction to New Testament Greek keeps discussion of grammar as non-technical as possible. The simplified explanations, basic vocabularies, and abundant exercises are designed to prepare the student for subsequent practical…