10 Jul 2020

Category: Protestantism

British & Irish

Shakespeare and Protestant Poetics 

This book explores the impact of the sixteenth-century Reformation on the plays of William Shakespeare. Taking three fundamental Protestant concerns of the era – (double) predestination, conversion, and free will – it demonstrates how Protestant theologians, in England and elsewhere, re-imagined these longstanding Christian concepts…

Christian Books & Bibles

Parish Acolyte Guide 

The Parish Acolyte Guide is the complete guidebook for individual acolytes. This handbook, written for acolytes of varying ages includes information about the history of the ministry of acolytes, the duties of the various acolyte positions, the vestments they will wear, and the equipment they…


The Puritans: A Transatlantic History 

A panoramic new history of Puritanism in England, Scotland, and New England This book is a sweeping transatlantic history of Puritanism from its emergence out of the religious tumult of Elizabethan England to its founding role in the story of America. Shedding critical new light…