30 Mar 2020

Category: Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Growth and Rural Poverty Reduction in India: Targeting Investments and Input Subsidies (India Studies in Business and Economics) 

This book provides a blueprint for the allocation of public expenditures “in” and “for” agriculture at the dis-aggregated state level and suggests a reorientation in favour of disadvantaged regions where the marginal returns on additional investments would be higher. It provides insights into the inter-linkages…

Agricultural Sciences

Innovative Biosystems Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture, Forestry and Food Production: International Mid-Term Conference 2019 of the Italian … (Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (67)) 

This book gathers the latest advances, innovations, and applications in the field of innovative biosystems engineering for sustainable agriculture, forestry and food production. Focusing on the challenges of implementing sustainability in various contexts in the fields of biosystems engineering, it shows how the research has…