01 Apr 2020

Category: Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

The Lumberjacks 

The 19th century spawned a unique breed of men who took pride in their woodsmen skills and rough codes of conduct. They called themselves lumberers, shantymen, timber beasts, les bucherron – and, more recently, lumberjacks, working in the vast forests of eastern Canada and British…

Biological Sciences

Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors 

Nanotechnology provides tools for creating functional materials, devices, and systems by controlling materials at the atomic and molecular scales and making use of novel properties and phenomena. Nanotechnology-enabled sensors find applications in several fields such as health and safety, medicine, process control and diagnostics. This…

Biological Sciences

The Cell: A Very Short Introduction 

In this Very Short Introduction, Terrence Allen and Graham Cowling offer an illuminating account of the nature of cells–their basic structure, forms, division, signaling, and programmed death. Allen and Cowling start with the simple “prokaryotic” cell–cells with no nucleus–and show how the bodies of more…