29 Mar 2020

Category: Earth Sciences

Biological Sciences

Conservation Behavior: Applying Behavioral Ecology to Wildlife Conservation and Management (Conservation Biology) 

Conservation behavior assists the investigation of species endangerment associated with managing animals impacted by anthropogenic activities. It employs a theoretical framework that examines the mechanisms, development, function, and phylogeny of behavior variation in order to develop practical tools for preventing biodiversity loss and extinction. Developed…

Biological Sciences

International Marine Mammal Law 

International Marine Mammal Law is a comprehensive, introductory volume on the legal regimes governing the conservation and utilisation of marine mammals. Written as a textbook, it provides basic overviews of international conservation law, which enable the reader to understand the greater implications of governance of…

Astronomy & Space Science

5th International Symposium of Space Optical Instruments and Applications: Beijing, China, September 5–7, 2018 (Springer Proceedings in Physics) 

This book gathers selected and expanded contributions presented at the 5th Symposium on Space Optical Instruments and Applications, which was held in Beijing, China, on September 5–7, 2018. This conference series is organized by the Sino-Holland Space Optical Instruments Laboratory, a cooperative platform between China…