12 Jul 2020

Category: Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences

Doing Cultural Geography (Doing Geography series) 

Doing Cultural Geography is an introduction to cultural geography that integrates theoretical discussion with applied examples. The emphasis throughout is on doing. Recognizing that many undergraduates have difficulty with both theory and methods courses, the text demystifies the ′theory′ informing cultural geography and encourages students…

Earth Sciences

Cruise Ship Pollution 

Describes the several types of waste streams that cruise ships may discharge and emit. This book identifies the complex body of international and domestic laws that address pollution from cruise ships. It also describes federal and state legislative activity concerning cruise ships in Alaskan waters…

Earth Sciences

Practical Magnetotellurics 

The magnetotelluric (MT) method, a technique for probing the electrical conductivity structure of the Earth, is increasingly used both in applied geophysics and in basic research. This book, first published in 2005, goes into detail on practical aspects of applying the MT technique. Beginning with…

Earth Sciences

Spaces of Environmental Justice 

In this cutting-edge volume, leading scholars examine a diverse range of environmental inequalities from around the world. Shows how far the field has moved beyond its original focus on uneven distributions of pollution in the USA Considers the influence of critical geographical and social theory…

Earth Sciences

Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere 

Thermal Physics of the Atmosphere offers a concise and thorough introduction on how basic thermodynamics naturally leads on to advanced topics in atmospheric physics. The book starts by covering the basics of thermodynamics and its applications in atmospheric science. The later chapters describe major applications,…