11 Aug 2020

Category: Science & Mathematics

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Plant Diversity and Ecology in the Chihuahuan Desert: Emphasis on the Cuatro Ciénegas Basin (Cuatro Ciénegas Basin: An Endangered Hyperdiverse Oasis) 

Environmental and specific diversity in the Chihuahuan desert in general, and in the Cuatro Ciénegas Basin in particular, has long been recognized as outstanding. This book provides a global ecological overview, together with in-depth studies of specific processes. The Chihuahuan desert is the warmest in…

New, Used & Rental Textbooks

Applications of Nanotechnology for Green Synthesis (Nanotechnology in the Life Sciences) 

Traditional methods in synthetic chemistry produce chemical waste and byproducts, yield smaller desired products, and generate toxic chemical substances, but the past two centuries have seen consistent, greener improvements in organic synthesis and transformations. These improvements have contributed to substance handling efficiency by using green-engineered…