06 Jul 2020

Category: Literature & Fiction

Essays & Correspondence

Scientific Thinking 

Scientific Thinking is a practical guide to inductive reasoning―the sort of reasoning that is commonly used in scientific activity, whether such activity is performed by a scientist, a reporter, a political pollster, or any one of us in day-to-day life. The book provides comprehensive coverage…

Literature & Fiction

Faking Faith 

Dylan Mahoney is living one big unholy lie. Thanks to a humiliating and painfully public sexting incident, Dylan has become the social pariah at her suburban Chicago high school. She’s ignored by everyone―when she’s not being taunted―and estranged from her two best friends. So when…

History & Criticism

The Sophists 

The Sophists were bold, exciting innovators with new ideas about Athenian society. Plato criticised the Sophists for promoting dangerous ideas which threatened the traditional structure of society. Were they versatile and multi-talented? This book offers a treatment of the subject by twenty leading scholars in…

Genre Fiction

A Life of Bright Ideas: A Novel 

A secret tore best friends Evelyn “Button” Peters and Winnalee Malone apart. Now, nearly a decade later, a secret brings them back together. Nine years ago Button and Winnalee began recording observations in their Book of Bright Ideas, a tome they believed would solve the…