02 Apr 2020

Category: Poetry

Literature & Fiction

Lifting Belly (Counterpoints) 

Fragmentary, unabashed, erotic―“Lifting Belly” is a singular lesbian love poem from modernist Gertrude Stein (1874–1946) which lays bare desire and easy intimacy. What is it when it’s upset. It isn’t in the room. Moonlight and darkness. Sleep and not sleep. We sleep every night. What…

Literature & Fiction

To the Left of Time 

A brilliant new collection of poems by Kingsley Tufts Award–winning poet Thomas Lux With To the Left of Time, Thomas Lux adds more than fifty new poems to his celebrated oeuvre. Broken into three sections, these include semi-autobiographical poems, odes, and a final section that…

British & Irish

Come on Everybody: Poems 1953-2008 

Come On Everybody brings together poems from a dozen collections published by Adrian Mitchell over five decades. A pacifist prophet who remained true to his heartfelt beliefs, Mitchell reported back for over half a century from a world blighted by war, compromise, double-talk, and pragmatism…