10 Apr 2020

Category: World Literature

History & Criticism

On Shirley Hazzard 

On Shirley Hazzard is a vibrant and personal tribute in which the Miles Franklin Award–winning novelist Michelle de Kretser offers a masterclass in writing and reading. She celebrates the precision and musicality of Hazzard’s prose and illuminates the humor and humanity in her work. This…

Genre Fiction

Klotsvog (Russian Library) 

Klotsvog is a novel about being Jewish in the Soviet Union and the historical trauma of World War II―and it’s a novel about the petty dramas and demons of one strikingly vain woman. Maya Abramovna Klotsvog has had quite a life, and she wants you…

Biographies & Memoirs

This Tilting World 

On the night following the terrorist attack that killed eighty-three tourists on the beach at Sousse, a woman sits facing the sea and writes a complicated love letter to her homeland, Tunisia, which she feels she must leave forever. She also writes of her personal…

Arts & Photography

Christian Weise: Sämtliche Werke: Romane I: [Die drey Haupt-Verderber in Teutschland/Vorgestellet von Siegmund Gleichviele]: Samtliche Werke (Ausgaben … des 15. bis 18. Jahrhunderts, Band 164) 

Christian Weises sog. politische Romane werden in den Bänden 17 bis 19 der Sämtlichen Werke vorgelegt: Band 17 enthält “Die drey Hauptverderber” (1671) und “Die drey ärgsten Ertznarren” (1672). Sie sind in gattungs- und sozialgeschichtlicher Hinsicht höchst aussagekräftig. Weise hat sie als Sinnbilder seiner politischen…

Ancient & Medieval Literature

Selected Poems 

Though we know Vladimir Nabokov as a brilliant novelist, his first love was poetry. This landmark collection brings together the best of his verse, including many pieces that have never before appeared in English. These poems span the whole of Nabokov’s career, from the newly…



Today Dharavi houses half-a-million people and has the most expensive real estate in Bombay. Behind its success are the efforts of hundreds of extraordinary people. In Dharavi, the dreams, aspirations and anxieties of this thriving community come alive in the hands of some of Indias…