02 Apr 2020

Category: Romance


Plotting for Beginners 

“Charming, intelligent and side-splittingly funny. Anyone who is a wife or mother will find a ‘yes’ moment on every page.”-Lynne Barrett-Lee Women reach fifty and think they’re on the verge of liberation and excitement, and their broken-down men just want to stay home and fart….


City Of Masks 

City of Masks is a swashbuckling adventure in a setting reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Italy (complete with twins). In the city-state of Bonvidaeo, by custom and law everyone must wear a mask and act in character with it, or face civil, social and religious penalties. Gregorius…


Where Are We Now? 

By the author of Gull, Where Are We Now? is a moving, funny and topical novel about lost love, growing older and the realities of life in a society that is still coming to terms with thirty years of violence, some of that violence still…

Clean & Wholesome

A Family Secret 

The new No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller from the master storyteller, Josephine Cox. Family secrets can weigh the heaviest… Although she’s surrounded by a loving family, Marie is lonely. The secret she has been carrying for many years is a burden – it’s telling could…

Business & Careers

Zuschauernachfrage von Teamsportarten in ressourcenschwachen Umfeldern: Evidenz und Managementstrategien zum Frauenfußball (Event- und Impaktforschung) 

Die Zuschauernachfrage ist ein zentraler Erfolgsfaktor im professionellen Teamsport. Daher stellen geringe Zuschauerzahlen eine strukturelle Ressourcenschwäche dar, die so genannte Schwellensportarten kennzeichnet. Kristoff Reichel untersucht den Frauenfußball in Deutschland, um Managementstrategien für Teamsportarten in ressourcenschwachen Umfeldern aufzuzeigen. Den theoretischen Ansatz bildet ein erweitertes Nachfragemodell für…


Knockout: Stories 

The work of John Jodzio has already made waves across the literary community. Some readers noticed his nimble blending of humor with painful truths reminded them of George Saunders. His creativity and fresh voice reminded others of Wells Tower’s Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. But with…


Come Again 

Kate still sleeps with her husband’s T-shirt, but it doesn’t smell of Luke any more. She misses him every day. One morning, Kate wakes up back at college. She’s eighteen years old. She remembers everything. And she realises that this is the week that she…

Engineering Science & Technology

Zahnradgetriebe: Grundlagen, Konstruktionen, Anwendungen in Fahrzeugen (Klassiker der Technik) Ed 3 

Die „Klassiker der Technik” sind unveränderte Neuauflagen traditionsreicher ingenieurwissenschaftlicher Werke. Die Hintergründe vieler computergestützter Verfahren erschließen sich nur durch das Studium dieses Wissens. Der Klassiker der Zahnradgetriebe wurde 1996 vom Autor auf den neuesten Stand gebracht. Er stellt Handschalt- und Automatikgetriebe sowie Differentiale und Selbstsperrdifferentiale…

Arts & Photography

1000 Erotic Works of Genius 

This collection offers a wide range of works from the Antiquity to the twentieth century. This title will deal specifically with erotic pieces. Here are the most sensual and provocative masterworks which captured the feeling of an era and those that signalled the beginning of…